Reality TV star facing sex crime charges

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Many Louisiana residents are familiar with the reality television show Sons of Guns. A former star of that show, and the founder of the gun store Red Jacket Firearms, has been accused of serious offenses against minors. As news of his initial arrest spread, additional people have come forward to make claims against him, and he now faces multiple sex crime charges.

The 50-year-old Baton Rouge man is accused of having sexual relations with multiple minors. In one of the cases, he is charged with aggravated rape. Another case led to that same charge in relation to another alleged victim as well as a charge of indecent behavior with a minor. A woman has also come forward with claims that she was raped by the same man nearly 22 years ago. In total, four individuals have accused the reality TV star with acts of rape.

In cases such as this, it is important to avoid making assumptions about the guilt or innocence of the accused prior to the matter reaching a court of law. In many instances, when a famous person is accused of a crime, it can lead others to make similar allegations. While sexual assault is always a serious matter, not every accusation of wrongdoing is in fact accurate.

In this case, it is far too soon to make any assumptions concerning the Louisiana man accused of these serious sex crime charges or the individuals who have made those claims. As more details become available, the criminal court system will address the issue, and a determination will be made as to guilt or innocence. For now, the former reality television personality will need to turn his attention toward mounting a strong criminal defense in the matter, as his attorney has announced that he plans to plead not guilty to the allegations against him.

Source:, “‘Sons of Guns’ star set for status update in East Baton Rouge Parish rape case“, July 21, 2015

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