Proper procedures important in connection with drug charges

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The drug crisis in Louisiana continues unabated, and drugs that may have been on the decrease in popularity and availability seem to be resurging. Methamphetamine is one such drug, and a man from Rodessa was caught up in a police investigation that resulted in his being accused of drug charges. He was arrested and charged following a lengthy investigation.

Police claimed that the man was the owner of three properties in Shreveport that were being used in the distribution of illegal narcotics. Officers involved in the investigation claimed that the accused was selling marijuana from two properties, while a tenant was selling drugs from a third property. The police conducted surveillance on the properties and said they observed frequent travel by the accused between the properties immediately before and following the alleged drug sales.

As a result of the surveillance, search warrants were obtained and executed for the various locations that were observed during the surveillance. Execution of the search warrants allegedly resulted in the recovery of scales and illegal drugs, including approximately one kilo of methamphetamine. The methamphetamine was reportedly packaged for distribution.

According to federal law, there are some drug offenses that carry a minimum mandatory sentence. The accused in this case faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years. A person facing drug charges in Louisiana could benefit from the counsel of a criminal defense attorney. There are rules of evidence, surveillance and execution of search warrants that must be enforced and followed. A lawyer can review the facts of a case and inform the accused of his rights and legal options throughout the criminal justice process.

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