Plastic surgeon accused of committing sex crimes

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A plastic surgeon in Louisiana is accused of committing sex crimes. These sex crimes accusations include video voyeurism and forcible rape. The man is also believed to have possessed child pornography, for which he was arrested while in court on a recent Monday.

The man has denied all of the allegations. However, police said during their investigation, they found many photos of the man’s patients where the patients’ bodies and faces were fully exposed. Authorities said they also found many naked photos of children on his cell phone.

Concerning the forcible-rate and voyeurism charges, the 40-year-old surgeon is said to have forcibly raped and made surreptitious videos of one woman between January 2011 and October 2014. The man reportedly said he was outraged and shocked by the allegation, saying that it was because of a legal dispute that was going on between the woman and him. The surgeon’s attorneys said that the charges against him were not related to his medical practice or to his patients.

When individuals in Louisiana are accused of committing sex crimes, they have every right to go to trial to fight the charges. Alternatively, they might decide to pursue plea agreements with the prosecution, if available. Usually, the terms of a plea deal that the government offers depend on the strength of the evidence. When the evidence appears formidable, a plea bargain might offer the advantage of a more lenient sentence than what would normally be rendered if a conviction were to be handed down at trial.

Source:, “Uptown plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sadeghi arrested in court amid new allegation of child pornography”, Ken Daley, May 16, 2016

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