Official charged with a crime in wife’s shooting

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A disturbing set of allegations has been made against a Louisiana man whose wife was recently shot and wounded. The husband has been charged with a crime in connection with that shooting, and he was taken into police custody shortly after emergency responders arrived at the scene. While few details have been released in the case, the man certainly has every motivation to act to protect his rights in the matter.

Police were called to a home in Metairie, Louisiana, in the early morning hours on a recent Saturday. A female caller told authorities that her mother had been shot by her stepfather and was in need of emergency medical attention. When authorities arrived at the home, they found the woman on the floor of the home’s bathroom. She had sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

Police arrested the woman’s husband, who is a police officer for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety. The 47-year-old man was placed on administrative leave after the incident, and he will likely remain in that status until the matter is resolved. It is reported that authorities were able to determine that the man and woman were involved in a verbal dispute near the time that shots were fired. There is no word on what other evidence may be held in the case.

As this matter moves forward, many Louisiana citizens are distraught at the idea that a police officer would play a part in such a violent crime. The woman is recovering, and she will likely survive her injuries. It is important to remind the public that until a court of law finds otherwise, this man, just like anyone else who has been charged with a crime, is entitled to a presumption of innocence.

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