Mental illness can be a factor in criminal defense

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Violent crime is a fact of life in Louisiana and around the country. Any one accused of committing a violent crime is entitled to a criminal defense. This includes a man who was recently arrested and is formally accused in a case of double homicide.

The alleged crime took place when a couple reportedly gave the man a ride from a mall in Shreveport. The couple were also residents of Shreveport. Their bodies were found in a burned-out car on a local street in Shreveport. It is believed that the accused man approached them in the mall parking lot and that they then gave him a ride.

The suspect was tracked to a house near where the reported victims were found. The man was apprehended following a long standoff with police. The man does have a police record and has previously been charged with illegal weapons possession, drug possession and assault. His family has stated that he suffers from mental illness, and he has apparently said that the voices in his head tell him to do things.

A person in Louisiana who is charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. Those charged with a crime should consult with a criminal defense attorney. An experienced lawyer can review the facts of the case, including the impact of possible mental illness if applicable, and advise the client of all the legal options that are available. While crime should not go unpunished, the an accused individual has important legal rights that must be upheld at every stage of any criminal proceedings.

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