Mardi Gras can lead to an increase in drunk driving

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Mardi Gras is almost here in Louisiana, and along with it will come multiple parties and celebrations. While it is a festive and widely celebrated period, it also is a time when incidents of drunk driving see an increase on area roadways. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the number of drunk driving deaths at this time is higher than the national average.

The first of many Mardi Gras balls was held recently in Lafayette. Many more will follow, and most will include the consumption of significant amounts of alcohol. Louisiana police will be stepping up patrols in an attempt to protect drivers.

Officers are reminding people that, if one is charged with drunk driving, the person charged is not the only person affected. The charge could come with jail time that could take one away from one’s family. If fatality is involved, another family’s life will be disrupted. Almost every weekend leading up to lent, there will be parties and balls to celebrate the season. Officers want to remind people to make the right decision and urge them not to drive if they been have drinking alcohol at a party.

Another concern is that people who are not accustomed to drinking alcohol are not familiar with the effect it can have on a person’s ability to drive. If a person is pulled over and charged with drunk driving, it can be the beginning of a scary and disconcerting time. A person may not be familiar with what rights he or she is entitled to in the situation in Louisiana. An experienced criminal law attorney can inform the client of those rights and ensure that they are protected throughout the criminal justice process.

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