Man is charged with a crime of armed robbery of a bank

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It’s difficult to identify an armed robber who commits a bank robbery while wearing hooded clothing and a covering over his face. Sometimes it’s difficult to see how the police are able to identify and arrest someone who leaves the bank without revealing any facial features. In Louisiana, the arrest of a man charged with a crime of armed robbery will require substantial evidence identifying the accused as the culprit.

It seems that the police must rely on confidential information from family, friends or where a co-conspirator confesses. In the reported case, however, there was only one perpetrator entering the bank and no indications of any accomplices. Police recently arrested a 26-year-old Shreveport man who they charged with a crime of armed robbery of a Capital One Bank in March 2013. The arrest culminated a three-week investigation by the Bossier City violent crimes unit.

The man is accused of walking into the bank with a gun and demanding money. When he got money he ran out of the bank and into his car that was parked nearby, according to police. However, another supposed police statement reports the man leaving the bank and running ‘in a southwesterly direction.’ If there was in fact a car and the license plate number reported to police, that may be a very effective piece of evidence in supporting an arrest, in some circumstances.

This crime was particularly dangerous because the man robbed not only a teller but also took a customer’s deposit money at gunpoint. When someone is charged with a crime of violence in Louisiana the evidence must be thoroughly examined to determine whether there is sufficient proof to sustain a conviction of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In the reported case, it will be important to determine the source of the police information leading to this accused. If the evidence is overwhelming, then plea negotiations should be initiated early. If there are substantially large gaps in the prosecution evidence then serious consideration should be given to preparing a criminal defense.

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