Man faces multiple drug charges in Louisiana

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One man in Louisiana was recently accused of engaging in drug crimes. The arrest came following a police investigation that began in October of 2015. He now faces multiple drug charges.

Authorities said they started to investigate the man, 32, for the distribution of drugs. Based on all of the information they gathered during their investigation, police obtained and executed a search warrant for his home. Their search of the home allegedly led to the seizure of more than 40 tablets of Ecstasy and about 70 doses of Xanax. Officials said they also discovered hydrocodone, marijuana, methamphetamine, two handguns and more than $7,500.

The man was arrested and booked into a parish detention center. His multiple charges include possessing and intending to distribute a controlled dangerous substance. He is also charged with illegally using a drug in a minor’s presence as well as illegally carrying weapons.

A person facing drug charges in Louisiana may elect to proceed to trial if he or she believes this to be in his or her best interests. The prosecution has to prove the individual’s charges by relevant evidence before the person can be convicted. Sometimes a person may be given the opportunity to plea bargain with prosecutors, which may lead to reduced charges or a lighter sentence than what would be imposed if the person were to be convicted in court. The person’s criminal defense will pursue the outcome that is in the defendant’s best interests and make sure that all of his or her rights are honored during the proceedings.

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