Man faces drug possession charge, animal cruelty charges

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Drug charges along with other criminal charges have been filed against one man in Louisiana. Specifically, the man faces a drug possession charge in addition to being charged with killing livestock using an AR-15. Police said they got multiple calls regarding dead livestock on a Monday in late May.

Police said three different people from three different areas complained about their livestock being killed, including one bull and four cows. Authorities said they learned that a 23-year-old man had been spotted the day before riding an ATV in the vicinity where the deceased livestock were later found. When the man was questioned, he told police he had shot an AR-15 in that location.

Officials were able to obtain a warrant for the man’s arrest on aggravated cruelty to animals with his bond set at $75,000. When police arrested the man, they reportedly also found that he possessed a firearm and drug paraphernalia, along with liquid Xanax. The man was placed in jail on the charges of animal cruelty, and charges for drug possession, drug paraphernalia possession and illegally carrying guns were also filed, which increased his bond to $92,500.

A person who faces a drug possession charge and other criminal charges has the right to fight these charges at trial, where prosecutors have to prove them beyond a reasonable doubt before the individual can be found guilty. The defendant may be offered the opportunity to plea bargain with the prosecution, which he or she may choose instead of going to trial. A plea deal may offer the benefit of lighter charges and/or a lighter sentence for an accused person in Louisiana.

Source:, “Southwest Louisiana man charged with killing 4 cows, bull with an AR-15”, Scott Eslinger, May 31, 2016

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