Man charged with a crime in fake kidnapping

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An unusual case has led to the arrest of a man who appears to have made a number of unwise decisions in an attempt to gain the attention of his former wife. The man, 42 years of age, is alleged to have faked his own kidnapping. Louisiana authorities also believe that he bombed the home of his ex and violated a restraining order. He has been arrested and is being charged with a crime in relation to all of these events.

Police believe that the man created multiple social media accounts to support the kidnapping story. Photos of him bound and apparently beaten were posted to those accounts. Calls were made to area news outlets, reporting the man’s abduction. The news stations passed those reports to police, which became part of the investigation into the matter.

After a few weeks passed, emergency responders were called to the home of the man’s former wife. An explosion had occurred at the property, and part of the residence was destroyed by the resulting fire. Several canisters were observed under the structure, which were believed to have been placed there to cause additional explosions.

Additional calls to the media concerning the explosion led police to focus on the former husband, who has a prior conviction on federal explosives charges. At that point, they determined that he had not been abducted as claimed. Forensic evidence collected at the arson scene led to an arrest warrant. The man is now charged with attempted murder, aggravated arson, possession of a bomb and violation of a protective order. As is the case with anyone charged with a crime in the state of Louisiana, he will have the right to respond to those allegations in criminal court and in accordance with the legal rights guaranteed to all individuals accused of a crime in the state.

Source:, “OK man arrested in connection with violent crimes in Natchitoches; also threatened TV stations“, Sept. 1, 2015

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