Man charged with a crime has bail revoked and returns to jail

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When someone is having emotional or mental problems, he or she may be prone to acting out some bizarre anti-social behavior. This is sometimes seen when a sports fan develops an unhealthy case of fan fervor. Recently, a sports fan was arrested and charged with poisoning trees on an opposing team’s university campus. He was released on bond in that state only to be charged with a crime a short time later in Louisiana for getting into an argument at a hardware store.

The Louisiana arrest resulted in bail being revoked in the first state. The judge noted that he could reinstate bail later if there is more evidence submitted by the man’s criminal defense. He was undergoing outpatient mental evaluations while on bail in the first state when he got into an altercation with a hardware store employee in Louisiana, and a video taken is said to have shown him getting agitated, making admissions and cursing in front of police.

Prosecutors in Alabama got their wish when the accused was remanded to jail due to his troubles in Louisiana. Identified as a University of Alabama fan, he is charged with poisoning a landmark set of oak trees at Auburn University during the 2010 season, when Auburn’s football team marched to a national title. He pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect to charges of desecrating a venerable object and criminal mischief.

The Alabama judge viewed a video presumably taken by Louisiana police showing the accused getting agitated and telling police that he knew he had stated a ‘terroristic threat’ but he was going to jail anyway. Defense counsel in Alabama argued that the Louisiana charges were improper and it was unclear if charges still exist. However, the accused may have violated bail simply by traveling to Louisiana and seemingly acting improperly at the store.

A person who is charged with a crime in Louisiana may benefit by seeking and conferring with counsel as expeditiously as possible. And, if he is being interrogated at a disturbance or suspected crime scene, an accused may fare significantly better by saying nothing and demanding that counsel be present first. This can avoid unwanted twists, such as finding oneself on a video admitting to sentiments that may be highly incriminatory.

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