Man charged with a crime after Louisiana bank robbery

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Recently a Louisiana Capital One bank branch was the site of a robbery. Authorities believe that a man, who they have charged with a crime, entered the bank and told the clerk that he was armed with a gun. Reports indicate that he was given an undisclosed amount of cash by the teller. The man then reportedly then fled from the bank on foot.

Police say that an officer in plain clothes saw an individual that he thought fit the description of the robbery suspect a short distance from the bank. Officers approached the man who was not cooperative. Though it is not known how, or if, the officer made his identity known, the man who was stopped tried to flee. He was quickly apprehended however and charged with more than one crime.

It is unclear if the man who was arrested and accused of the crimes had the stolen money on his person at the time of his arrest. In addition, reports do not indicate what, if any, other evidence against the man arrested existed at the time of his apprehension beyond his matching the description. These questions may be answered in order for prosecutors to maintain a case.

The man who has been charged with a crime and accused of serious actions in Louisiana may face a tough road ahead as he works to mount a defense against the accusations against him. As he does, he may question all aspects of his arrest, including any evidence that is presented against him. In cases like this one, someone who is accused of a crime should not be afraid to seek the help and guidance of an experienced advocate. Working with the right system of support can help defendants successfully fight for their presumed innocence.

Source:, “NM man held in Louisiana bank robbery,” Aug. 9, 2012

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