Louisiana woman faces drug charges after traffic stop

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Police in Louisiana conducted a traffic stop recently on a woman they say was veering into oncoming traffic as she drove her pickup truck. During the stop police became suspicious that criminal activity was taking place, authorities report. The details of what led to their suspicion are unclear. What is clear is that before the traffic stop ended, the local woman found herself facing drug charges.

When they began to suspect that a crime was being committed, police requested the presence of a K-9 officer. The dog conducted its review of the vehicle and signaled in a manner that allegedly indicated that narcotics may be present. The signal led officers to further the search.

The search that officers conducted allegedly led to the discovery of glass pipes and other drug-related materials. Police allege that there were five plastic bags containing methamphetamine. Each baggie reportedly held around one gram of the drug. The total value of the narcotics discovered, authorities believe, is around $1,000.

The woman who was arrested on these Louisiana drug charges as a result of the traffic stop is presumed innocent of all charges at this time. Like anyone in our state who has been charged with a crime, she has a right to present a full defense against all of the accusations. In her defense, she may wish to question all aspects of her arrest. Because it began as a traffic stop and ended as a drug charge arrest, the procedures that the police are required to follow may be the subject of intense review.

Source: katc.com, “Scott Police Arrest Woman on Drug Charges,” Aug. 28, 2012

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