Louisiana woman admitted guilt in fraud charges

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A Louisiana mother who was attempting to ensure that her daughter received federal monetary assistance for college has received her sentence from a federal court judge. The woman, who admitted that she committed fraud in connection with her daughter’s aid application, was given a period of probation for her crime. The mother has already made significant financial amends for her crime.

The judge noted that since the woman had experience working in financial assistance departments, she should have been aware of the ramifications of engaging in fraudulent actions. The woman, who is 46, indicated on the application that she was not married in an attempt to have her child qualify for a higher amount of aid. It was not noted if the father had any knowledge or input concerning the application.

The student received more than $22,900 in financial aid for college. However, before the judge sentenced the woman, she reportedly paid back a large portion of the ill-gotten funds. She now owes less than $7,000.

The possible sentence for this type of fraud conviction could have been a five year prison term, in addition to hefty fines. This woman, however, was sentenced to three years of probation. The judge added in his comments that the mother not only landed herself in trouble but that her daughter could have faced charges as well.

This Louisiana mother could have received a harsher penalty in relation to this fraud conviction. However, she will have to ensure that she makes full restitution and that she does not engage in any type of illegal behavior in the future. Because this woman had not been charged with any similar crimes in the past, she was able to qualify for a lesser punishment than may have been handed down according to federal sentencing guidelines.

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