Louisiana State Fair president faces drug charges

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On Sept. 13, law enforcement officials detained a 43-year-old man who serves as president and general manager for the State Fair of Louisiana Fair for allegedly possessing drugs in his vehicle. The incident took place in Shreveport when police stopped the suspect for driving through a stop sign.

According to the report, police stated that they located a small amount marijuana when they searched the man’s car. Officers then took the suspect into custody and placed him in the Shreveport city jail following booking procedures. He has been charged with failure to stop and yield at signs and possession of marijuana. The court set the man’s bond in the amount of $1,050. It was not reported when the man will have his hearing.

Facing criminal charges associated with drug possession in Louisiana can have serious, long-term consequences. For drug-related offenses, the court system in Louisiana has stringent penalties in place such as hefty fines, lengthy jail sentences and long-term probation. Therefore, people in these circumstances may wish to obtain legal representation for chances at a successful outcome.

A local attorney who is experienced in criminal defense strategies may be able to get the charges lowered by contesting the allegations in court and attempting to mitigate the penalties in cases where a conviction seems likely. For example, if responding officers failed to adhere to proper protocol when taking a suspect into custody, the attorney representing the client may be able to argue that the evidence used in the case is invalid. Through this strategy, the attorney may be able to weaken the charges that might result in the judge throwing out the case altogether. In cases where the charges cannot be lowered, the attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutors that could possibly result in a lighter sentence.

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