Louisiana sex crimes: Convict faces new charges after prison term

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When it comes to sexual offenses, the justice system is very strict. One Louisiana man understands just how much so, as he recently completed a 21-year prison term for sex crimes he committed many years ago. Unfortunately, he is now back on the radar of the criminal justice system after a 10-year-old girl alleged that he attempted to sexually assault her.

The 43-year-old man is accused of pinning the girl down and attempting to rape her. Reports indicate that the girl kicked him in the groin to escape. She then reportedly ran to her mother who called police. He has been charged with aggravated rape — charges with the potential to put him right back behind bars only weeks after having been released. Reports do not indicate any additional information about the ongoing investigation into these allegations.

While it is not unheard of for an individual to fall back into crime after release from prison, that is not to say that every individual does. For this Louisiana man, it is crucial that he immediately begins to protect his legal rights with respect to the allegations. Clearly, a conviction on these charges could land the man in prison for years

Anyone accused of committing sex crimes is still legally protected in our state.This individual will have every reasonable opportunity to defend himself against the new criminal charges pending against him. While it may seem easy to assume the man is guilty because of his criminal record, our system of justice demands more. Prosecutors will have the burden of proving the accusations in court by evidence that is both relevant and competent. Failing that, no conviction is possible.

Source: The Advocate, Opelousas Police: Sex offender accused of attempted rape of girl, Acadiana Bureau, Dec. 17, 2013

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