Louisiana police chief’s wife arrested for drunk driving

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A woman, alone, late at night is likely understandably apprehensive about a strange man approaching her vehicle. Despite justifiable wariness in a situation such as this, one police officer in Louisiana claims that a woman attempted to run him over after he approached her vehicle in a parking lot. The woman — the wife of the village police chief — was soon arrested, accused of drunk driving.

The 50-year-old woman reportedly came to the attention of a police officer from a neighboring village when she pulled into the parking lot of the police station and turned off her lights. The police officer claims that she attempted to run him over. However, she allegedly claims that the she declined the officer’s request to exit the vehicle and drove away when he stepped away.

According to the officer’s version of events, he pursued the woman, ultimately pulling her over, but she refused to acquiesce to his requests. She is said to have left once again but was taken into custody without incident once she reached her residence. She claims that the man did not engage his lights until she pulled up to her house, and he injured her when he applied the handcuffs. She faces several charges, including driving while intoxicated, driving on a suspended license and speeding.

The time that follows an arrest can often be confusing. Even if a person in Louisiana fully understands the charges against him or her and the potential consequences if convicted, he or she may not be able to recognize unlawful treatment; even if such treatment is recognized, it may be difficult to appropriately respond. Fortunately, there are experienced criminal defense attorneys who can help those accused of drunk driving.

Source: theadvocate.com, “Wife of French Settlement police chief pulled up drunk at station before arrest, report says“, Caroline Grueskin, Feb. 20, 2018

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