Louisiana man faces drug charges following complaint

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Most people in Louisiana and across the country are likely aware that the United States Constitution names several rights that can not be violated, even if the person is suspected of committing a crime. However, those with little experience with the criminal justice system may not be fully aware of all the protections this document provides. As a result, people facing drug charges, among other criminal accusations, may be unaware of the best ways to ensure that their rights are protected as they go through the criminal justice system or appropriately respond should unlawful action occur.

One man may be in such a situation after his arrest on a day in mid-July. According to police reports, officers went to his house after someone complained about drug activity. These officers claim that they observed a 37-year-old man selling drugs when they arrived at the scene.

Following this alleged observation, the officers then apparently entered the house. Inside, they say they found drugs, including cocaine and ecstasy. Additionally, they say that there were several dogs in the house, two of which were injured. The man now faces several charges, including possession of drug paraphernalia and cruelty to animals.

Because the average person has little experience with responding to drug charges, and others, they also have the right to an attorney. Such a professional can help defendants in Louisiana fully understand their rights and respond to the accusations against them. The criminal justice system is often stressful, but having an attorney provide guidance throughout can help those accused of a crime feel better prepared for proceedings and their potential outcomes, possibly giving defendants confidence about the decisions they must make.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “Authorities: Man Arrested on Animal Cruelty, Drugs Charges“, July 13, 2017

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