Louisiana man accused of serious sex crimes

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When a child is harmed, law enforcement and the court system takes the matter very seriously, and rightfully so. Children must be protected, and no one would argue that there should not be repercussions for those in Louisiana who would act to harm a child. However, it is important for readers to understand that not every accusation of wrongdoing leads to a conviction, and that many individuals who are accused of sex crimes against minors are ultimately found not guilty.

When a person is suspected of harming a child in a sexual manner, the matter becomes public knowledge very quickly. Such is the case for a Deville man who was recently arrested and charged with sexual battery, indecent behavior with a minor and aggravated crimes against nature. He is currently being held on a $3 million bond at the Rapides Parish Detention Center. In addition, his name and photo have been used in numerous reports of the matter, both in print and online.

Little information is contained in these reports other than the criminal charges outlined above and the fact that a complaint was filed after the man was riding a four-wheeler with a juvenile. When the media first reports an arrest, most of the information is sourced from public records, and not from the individuals involved in the case. Therefore, the man charged with these crimes has not shared his side of the story, and is unlikely to do so until the matter reaches court.

Once the case is heard in court, the man charged with these sex crimes against a minor could be found not guilty. It is also possible that the case will never go to trial, and that the charges will be dropped. Unfortunately, a great deal of damage will have already been done, due to the fact that many who read or hear of the man’s arrest will not follow the case to its conclusion. This leaves many in Louisiana unfairly branded as a sexual predator, even when they are never convicted in a court of law.

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