Louisiana man accused of marijuana-related crime

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Authorities recently reported that law enforcement officials took a Morehouse Parish man into custody on a drug-related charge. Working with North Louisiana Drug Enforcement Bureau Agents, investigators with the Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office allegedly discovered 42 Xanax pills and 50 grams of marijuana at a property in Morehouse Parish.

According to the police report, authorities who arrived at the residence discovered a group of individuals gathered at the property alongside the Morehouse Parish man, who was holding a pair of bags containing suspected illicit substances. During the investigation, agents also reportedly found a substantial sum of money at the residence. Law enforcement officials booked the man into the Morehouse Parish jail on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

If convicted, people facing drug charges may face a slew of penalties that are not only severe but can also be life-altering. For example, a conviction on possession of marijuana with intent to distribute may elicit significant time in prison, costly fines and an onerous probation. These penalties may wreak havoc on an individual’s personal and professional lives, and the best way to obviate them is to mount an aggressive and multi-pronged defense against the charges. That means, above all, retaining the counsel and resources of a criminal defense attorney.

By challenging the credibility of the police work that led to the drug charges and questioning the validity of the purportedly incriminating evidence, the defense attorney may cast enough doubt on the prosecution’s case for the charges to be either reduced or dropped altogether. For, the state must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt in order to secure a conviction, and a case comprised by invalidated evidence and improper police work may prove to be untenable.

Source: Bastrop Daily Enterprise , “Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office makes arrests on drug charges, kidnapping “, Meghan Morris , October 08, 2014

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