Louisiana criminal defense: Man charged with crimes in 2 states

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Police in Louisiana recently arrested a man on multiple charges of attempted murder. He was also charged with cocaine possession and illegal firearm possession. The man must now necessarily focus his attention on preparing a criminal defense against the allegations.

According to police, the accused man discharged a firearm at two police officers in another jurisdiction. Next, he reportedly fled the scene in a stolen police patrol car. After crashing the patrol car, he allegedly carjacked another and fled across state lines into Louisiana. Officers pursued him into a wooded area, where the man is said to have shot his firearm at state troopers. Eventually, he was arrested, and fortunately, no one was injured.

The man faces further charges in Mississippi, where the incident began. There he will face charges relating to assault, carjacking and grand larceny. Further charges include felony fleeing and firearm possession by a felon. Police also allege that the man kidnapped woman in Mississippi and stole her vehicle. At this time, the man is being held in jail in Louisiana on a bond of $250,000.

A careful review of all prosecution evidence must now be conducted. The criminal defense team for the accused man will likely proceed on several fronts. In addition to preparing a defense to present in court, the team may also explore the possibility of reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors to cover the outstanding accusations and potentially limit the man’s sentencing exposure. If a plea bargain is made available, the man will have the opportunity to decide between accepting the offer or requiring the government to prove its case against the man in court.

Source: wlox.com, Home invasion/kidnapping suspect in custody in Amite County, Bob Burks, Dec. 27, 2013

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