Federal drug charges for 13 men accused of heroin distribution

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Louisiana law enforcement sometimes applies a long investigative process before filing charges related to drug activity, especially when police are seeking federal charges. From the perspective of law enforcement, the more evidence that is procured prior to an arrest, the easier it is to make drug charges “stick.” Even so, anyone accused of a drug crime has certain unshakable rights under the law and is entitled to the legal presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. Recently, after an investigation leading to multiple arrests involving a purported heroin distribution plot, 13 men were charged with federal crimes warranting a strong criminal defense.

A 27-count federal indictment was unsealed in Louisiana on Nov. 8. The indictment involved an alleged plot in the distribution of heroin in the Houston and New Orleans areas. The prosecution is being handled by the office of the United States Attorney in New Orleans.

Authorities announced the arrests of 10 of the named defendants. Three remain at large. All of the individuals are from Louisiana, with the exception of two who are from the Houston area. The indictments followed what was represented to be a lengthy investigation involving state, local, and federal authorities. It was said to be an undercover investigation that involved wiretapping of telephones and resulted in the purported seizure of over one kilogram of heroin.

Indeed, conviction of drug crimes can carry harsh penalties in Louisiana and at the federal level. The more allegations that are proven, the harsher the penalties can be. The amount of drugs seized can factor into the sentencing process, as well. To ensure that the rights of the accused are protected and that none of the suspects is subject to injustice, a strong and meaningful defense is necessary. Otherwise, the legal system falters, leaving important stones unturned and the value of people’s lives disregarded. Anyone facing drug charges would do well to seek experienced and sympathetic legal counsel to help aggressively stand up for the rights of the accused.

Source: chron.com, “13 suspects charged with plotting to sell heroin,” Nov 8, 2011

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