Drunk driving can lead to a bad situation

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Winter is often a bad time for car accidents in Louisiana as it ushers in the party season associated with Christmas and New Year’s. The holiday festivities frequently include alcohol and people may drink more than normal and may not be aware of how alcohol can affect them when behind the wheel. Sadly, accidents that involve drunk driving frequently result in fatalities.

An accident that occurred in Glades County resulted in two deaths. A Louisiana man is facing charges for manslaughter while under the influence. He is also facing three charges of property damage related to the crash.

According to police reports, a 2005 Dodge Ram was driving north on a county road when it veered into the oncoming lane. The Dodge is said to have hit one car that ran into the guardrail and no one was injured. The Dodge then reportedly hit a 2017 Hyundai Sonata head-on. A passerby stopped to help and was apparently injured when another vehicle hit the Dodge, which was lying on its side. The two people in the Hyundai died at the scene, and the pedestrian was transported to an area hospital with serious injuries as was the driver of the Dodge.

Many factors can contribute to a serious car accident. While alcohol can certainly be a factor in such a situation, there are other considerations that may be taken into account. Facing manslaughter charges related to drunk driving can feel like the end of the world. Knowing one’s legal rights in such a situation could help to ease concerns. Consulting with an experienced criminal law attorney can help ensure that one is fully aware of one’s rights and legal options.

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