Drug charges pending after undercover sting ends in shootout

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A Louisiana man was hospitalized after a shooting incident with law enforcement on a recent Tuesday afternoon. According to the Louisiana State Police, the victim’s injuries were not life threatening. The incident reportedly followed an undercover operation in which officers wanted to secure evidence to file drug charges.

Reports indicate that undercover agents set up a meeting with a suspected drug dealer in the parking lot of a restaurant. Reportedly, their intentions were to do a controlled drug transaction with the suspect. An incident report shows that the undercover agents allegedly purchased some drugs from the suspect, and money and drugs were exchanged. For reasons not yet revealed, a gunfight ensued.

It is unclear who initiated the shooting. The suspected drug dealer reportedly suffered a gunshot to his arm before he fled the scene in a vehicle. Law enforcement officers later located him at a nearby residence, and an investigation into the shooting accident is ongoing. Authorities say the man will face several heroin distribution charges. Records apparently show previous charges against this man include a stolen car and other thefts, several weapons and drug charges and resisting a law enforcement officer.

These are all serious charges, and the accused man is likely focused on working with an experienced Louisiana criminal defense attorney. Having a lawyer who is skilled in defending and protecting the rights of individuals facing drug charges is often crucial to achieving a favorable outcome. The attorney will base the defense strategy on available information and evidence, and fight to secure the best possible result.

Source: klfy.com, “Suspect facing heroin charges wounded in shooting involving East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies“, Dec. 6, 2016

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