Drug charges have long term ramifications

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Law enforcement agencies in Louisiana continue to battle the drug crisis that is consuming so much of the nation. The crisis is a continuing one that shows little sign of abating as we end one year and begin another. The failure of one person to appear in court led to the arrest of three additional people who now face drug charges.

A man who had previously been arrested and charged with possession of schedule II drugs with intent to distribute them failed to appear in court, and so a warrant was issued for his arrest. Officers reportedly observed a vehicle with an illegal license plate on Pitre Street in Terrebonne Parish. After following the vehicle they say they saw the suspect exit the vehicle. As the officers approached the vehicle, the suspect allegedly fled but was later apprehended. Three additional people in the vehicle were arrested and charged with narcotics violations.

During a reported search of the vehicle and its occupants, police claimed to have found bags of crystal meth, a small amount of marijuana and assorted drug paraphernalia. The occupants of the vehicle were all placed under arrest and booked at the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex. They are all being held on bonds ranging from $15,000 to $65,000.

Drug charges can have serious ramifications in Louisiana. While peoples’ freedom is at stake, so is their future. A drug conviction can impact a person’s ability to find a job, get into a school and even lower one’s credit rating which can also have a negative impact on many aspects of one’s life. An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist an accused person in understanding one’s legal rights and can make the client aware of legal options that may be available.

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