Drug charges follow raid on Louisiana home

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In the state of Louisiana, law enforcement and the courts treat drug crimes very seriously. A great deal of harm comes to area residents by way of the drug trade and drug addiction, which makes addressing these matters a priority. Being convicted on drug charges comes with serious punitive repercussions, and those who stand accused of drug-related crimes must take immediate and aggressive legal action.

An example lies in the recent arrest of two men whom police claim were involved in the operation of a meth lab. Troopers from the Louisiana State Police entered a home in Gert Town, and believe that the house was being used as a secret lab. Approximately two grams of methamphetamine were allegedly recovered from the home.

It is unclear whether the two men who were arrested were residents of the home or were simply at the house when police arrived. Both have been charged with operation of a clandestine lab, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. The investigation into the matter is ongoing, and police state that additional charges may follow.

The two Louisiana men arrested in this case now face significant punishment if they are convicted on these drug charges. They must now begin the process of constructing their legal strategy, with the help of their defense attorneys. In doing so, consideration will be given to the evidence held by the prosecution, as well as any previous criminal convictions that one or both men may have on their record. The criminal defense approach may differ for each of the men, but the need to take immediate legal action is the same in both cases.

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