Drug charges follow driver’s crash into bridge barriers

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A 37-year-old Louisiana man was arrested after a police chase on LA 384 on a recent Tuesday morning. He is now facing several drug charges. Sheriff’s deputies reported that they had two arrest warrants for the man, and they had a house under surveillance in their efforts to locate his whereabouts.

While deputies watched the house on that Tuesday morning, they observed the suspect driving off, and they followed him. However, when they tried to pull him off the road, he fled south on the highway toward the Intracoastal Canal. He apparently reached the waterway as the bridge opened for marine traffic and the barriers were in place to stop traffic. He crashed his vehicle through the barriers, resulting in a wreck.

Emergency workers arrived to evaluate the driver’s condition before deputies arrested him. The man is now facing charges of distribution, possession and manufacturing of controlled dangerous substances I and II, along with drug paraphernalia possession. Further charges include carrying of an illegal firearm as a convicted felon, possession of stolen weapons, and transacting with drug offense proceeds.

These are all serious drug charges, and this man has likely made sure he has an experienced Louisiana criminal defense attorney on his side. An attorney will examine the charges against the defendant along with the evidence held by the prosecution. He or she can also scrutinize the methods used by deputies during the arrest. Based on all the gathered information, the attorney can devise a defense strategy that may limit the severity of the penalties if a conviction is obtained.

Source: 12newsnow.com, “Louisiana man escapes injury but not police after attempting bridge jump during chase”, Scott Eslinger, Dec. 6, 2016

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