Drug charges brought against 3 young men in Chalmette

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Three men from Chalmette are facing criminal charges in Louisiana for drug and weapons possession. They were recently arrested for drug charges, including intent to distribute marijuana. The arrests occurred following a lengthy undercover investigation. The investigation focused on a house on Golden Drive.

A search warrant was obtained for the house, and the search reportedly uncovered a stash of marijuana, two handguns and drug paraphernalia consisting of clear plastic bags and a digital scale. The amount of marijuana found was reported to be 60 grams. One of the hand guns, a .09 mm, was reported stolen from New Orleans.

The men facing charges are all in their early 20s. The charges they are facing include possession with intent to distribute, illegal weapons charges and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. They were transported to St. Bernard Parish for booking. Young men can be easily swayed by peer pressure and thinking that what they are doing is ‘cool,’ but a conviction for such acts can have a permanent impact on their lives.

Facing drug charges in Louisiana, people are likely to be scared, confused and unsure of what one’s options might be. It can be critical to a person’s future to know and understand one’s rights under the law, particularly when facing serious accusations. A young person facing criminal charges in Louisiana could benefit from speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer will be familiar with rules of evidence, search and seizure and other issues that could impact a client’s case.

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