Dispute over mattress leads to robbery charges

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Baton Rouge police took two individuals into custody on charges of armed robbery on the evening of Nov. 26. The two Louisiana men were hiding in an attic at the time when police found and detained them.

According to news reports, the robbery happened in response to an incident involving the aunt of the two defendants and a local man who works as a cable installer. The woman had supposedly offered to pay the cable man $40 to transport a mattress belonging to her from Addis to Baton Rouge. According to the plaintiff, the mattress flew out of his vehicle while on the road and was run over by a semi-truck. He attempted to return the money and a mattress of his own to the aunt, but she believed that he was lying and had stolen her mattress.

The cable man received a call to perform an installation at a Baton Rouge home where he met the two defendants. While inspecting the existing cable, one of the men allegedly struck him from behind with a stick, telling the cable man that the attack was in retribution for what he had done to their aunt. According to the police, one of the defendants asked the cable man for his money, and he then placed all the cash he had on his person on the hood of a truck. At this point, one of the defendants allegedly pointed a pistol at the man. A scuffle ensued, the gun went off and the two defendants fled the scene.

Individuals charged with a crime may wish to obtain the representation of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer may be able to recommend the best defense strategy, which might include negotiations to establish a plea bargain.

Source: WAFB, “Two men arrested after mattress mishap“, Amber Stegall, November 28, 2014

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