Criminal defense next for woman accused of stealing from elderly

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Families with elderly loved ones sometimes enlist the help of a caretaker to provide health care in the home. However, if there is a mishap in the residence, the family may automatically point the blame at the hired help. A Louisiana woman was recently accused of stealing jewelry and forging checks belonging to the family who hired her. As she waits to appear in court, she is likely considering her criminal defense options.

The 47-year-old worked for an elderly woman who lived with her 63-year-old daughter. According to reports, over the course of the year, the accused stole personal checks belonging to the elderly woman’s daughter. Allegedly, she did not forge or cash the checks until the end of the year.

The patient’s daughter noticed something was amiss when money was supposedly missing from her bank account. According to the detective on the case, the woman stole about $6,500 worth of jewelry and money from the family home. The caretaker was arrested and charged with theft, forgery and bank fraud.

It can be unsettling to be accused of a crime by the family that hired the help. Not only can the accusation potentially lead to jail time or fines, it can also ruin one’s work reputation. Though presumed innocent until proven guilty in court and beyond a reasonable doubt, it would be beneficial for a similarly accused individual to seek the help of a knowledgeable attorney to navigate through the Louisiana criminal justice system. A criminal defense attorney will seek the best possible outcome for those facing serious allegations.

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