Criminal defense next for man accused of killing on Facebook live

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It’s not uncommon for a couple to fight, many times over trivial issues. However, there are some fights that escalate into violence in the heat of passion. During such a moment, an action may be taken that normally may not have occurred if tempers were not flared. For one Louisiana man, he is likely considering his criminal defense options as he is facing murder charges after allegedly killing his partner in the heat of a moment.

A 27-year-old woman was streaming live on her Facebook account when the accused allegedly entered the room demanding an apology from her. It is reported that he continued to rampage a she allegedly fired ten shots total with a long-barreled gun. Purportedly, the last shot was the fatal one for the woman.

According to police, the man barricaded himself in the house after the incident. After he surrendered, the woman he attacked was rushed to the hospital where she died from the gunshot wound. The accused is charged with second-degree murder and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

It is unfortunate when can tragic incident occurs in the heat of passion, leaving the accused wrestling with the aftermath of an impulsive action. Considering the prosecution’s evidence against the accused, a criminal defense attorney can also help negotiate a plea deal for an individual. A negotiation can lead to a potentially lighter sentence than what would likely occur following a guilty verdict at trial. Having the assistance of an attorney can prove beneficial for the accused as the attorney will work for the most favorable outcome in the Louisiana criminal justice system.

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