Criminal defense needed in alleged drug deal

On Behalf of Sanchez Burke, LLC

Violent crimes and drug crimes continue to be a problem in Louisiana. Two men who were shot in a park in La Marque on the Fourth of July are now alleged to have been there to commit a robbery. This is according to reports from the La Marque Police Department. The accused have a right to a criminal defense.

The two men were allegedly in the park to complete a drug deal that reportedly included a plan to rob the other person. When the two allegedly attempted to rob the third party, he is said to have begun shooting. The shooting suspect then reportedly fled in a black car, possibly a Jaguar, that may have had out-of-state plates.

The alleged shooter has not been apprehended. One of the other two men is in custody and a warrant has been issued for the arrest of the other suspect. Both men face charges of aggravated assault and attempted robbery.

A person facing Louisiana criminal charges may be scared, confused and unsure of what to say or where to turn, and seeking the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney may provide some answers and guidance. A lawyer can advise the client as to his or her rights under the law and the available legal options under the circumstances presented. Sometimes, that may mean fighting the accusations at a jury trial, while other times a negotiated plea agreement may offer the best possible result. There are legal issues and factual considerations in every case, and the right professional can navigate through the proceedings with the client’s best interests at the forefront.

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