Criminal defense: Louisiana police suspect man in murders

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Many in Louisiana would concede that there is a great deal of tension in the country today. Unfortunately, police believe that the recent deaths of two black men may be another byproduct of that tension. Although reports indicate that they have a suspect in mind, it is unclear what evidence they have connecting him to the murders. The suspect may be wondering how he will create a proper criminal defense to the allegations against him, which also include drug charges.

The two men were shot approximately five miles away from one another. According to reports, the person responsible for their deaths shot them from a vehicle before exiting the vehicle and shooting multiple times. Shell casings from the two incidents reportedly connect the crimes.

Police suspect that a 23-year-old man was responsible for the men’s deaths. He was initially taken into custody on drug charges after a search of his house reportedly revealed human growth hormones and marijuana that police say the suspect claimed as his after being read his Miranda rights. Police say that a car similar to the one the man drives was seen near the shootings. While the police department claims that there is circumstantial evidence to link the man to the crimes, representatives declined to provide details regarding that evidence.

The allegations against the Louisiana man are serious. Unfortunately, without legal training, he may not know how to appropriately respond to them. Having an attorney provide guidance through the investigation process and as he goes to court on drug charges can help ensure that he is fully aware of the implications of any information he provides in addition to helping him create a criminal defense.

Source:, “2 Louisiana slayings likely racially motivated, police say“, Michael Kunzelman, Sept. 17, 2017

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