Criminal defense: Louisiana bar fight results in murder charge

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Conflict can happen between two people for a variety of different reasons. However, when alcohol is involved, the dispute can quickly escalate. Unfortunately, police have accused one Louisiana man of murder following a fight at a bar that allegedly resulted in a fatality. The accused man is likely focused on his criminal defense options following his recent arrest.

The incident happened late one night on a day in April. According to reports, the deceased man was at a bar when he became involved in an argument with a woman. A witness claims that the woman called for her boyfriend, who lives in an apartment above the bar, to come down. The two men were reportedly asked to leave the bar by a bartender because of their fighting.

The same witness claims that the two men began involved in a physical altercation outside, but the man now accused returned to his apartment. Emergency responders arrived at the scene and reportedly told the witness that the man remaining at the scene had been stabbed multiple times, resulting in the man’s death. The other man believed to have been involved in the incident was taken into custody at the time but released soon after as police investigated the incident. He was arrested the next day, charged with obstruction of justice and second-degree murder. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

The man now facing criminal charges as a result of the alleged incident will face several important decisions in the coming days — decisions that most people without legal training are unprepared to make. As a result, many people in Louisiana seek help creating their criminal defense from someone with experience concerning such cases. With such a person on their side, they often feel more prepared to make informed decisions about their case.

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