Criminal defense for man accused of shooting toward SWAT team

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When under pressure or emotionally distressed, an individual can make regrettable actions. Sometimes the action can lead to legal trouble, potentially causing more anxiety for the individual. One Louisiana man is facing attempted murder charges after an altercation with police that stemmed from what authorities say was a heated argument with his ex-girlfriend. As he waits to appear in court, he is likely considering his criminal defense options.

Late on a recent Friday evening, the man was accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend with a gun. As police arrived to arrest the accused, he then allegedly barricaded himself in the apartment. After hours of failed attempts to negotiate with the man, the SWAT team was called to force their way into the apartment.

As the SWAT team attempted to make their way into the apartment, allegedly, the man fired at least 10 shots toward the direction of the team. No injuries were reported, but the SWAT team then used a chemical agent to draw out the suspect. After the arrest, the man reportedly stated he acted out of fear and did not believe he was guilty of a crime.

It can be troubling encountering law enforcement under the impression of wrongdoing, but it is also frightening to face serious charges for a crime that one believes did not occur. To help review the evidence brought against the accused by the prosecution, it would be beneficial to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney will fight for the best possible outcome for an individual facing charges in the Louisiana criminal justice system.

Source:, “Baton Rouge man arrested on attempted murder after allegedly firing at SWAT team during standoff“, Emma Discher, May 12, 2018

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