Criminal defense for Lil’ Boosie set back, judge denies motions

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Lake Charles residents may have been following the case of Torrence Hatch — better known as rapper Lil’ Boosie — who has been accused of murdering a man in 2009 and playing a role in several other killings. During his pre-trial hearing on Nov. 29, Lil’ Boosie pled guilty to several drug charges, including trying to smuggle drugs into prison. The judge sentenced the artist to eight years in jail for those charges, with credit for time already served. The judge also denied Lil’ Boosie’s criminal defense attorneys’ motion to take the East Baton Rouge District Attorney off the murder case.

Further, the judge denied the criminal defense team’s request to quash a search warrant of Lil’ Boosie’s home, and to suppress computer evidence purportedly seized by investigators. Additionally, the judge denied the defense’s attempt to subpoena the man allegedly hired by Lil’ Boosie for the 2009 killing. That person testified before a grand jury, but Lil’ Boosie’s attorneys say the man now wants to recant his statements.

The alleged hit man’s attorney contests this claim. She says the rapper’s friends have been trying to get in touch with her client, hoping he’ll testify on the rapper’s behalf. The assistant district attorney indicated that the alleged hit man will testify during the trial, which has been set for April 30.

Lil’ Boosie has been charged with crimes that are serious in Louisiana and elsewhere. As readers know, a murder conviction carries severe penalties, including a potentially extensive period of incarceration — sometimes for the remainder of one’s natural life. Someone so accused is, of necessity, fighting for their continued liberty and must garner all exculpatory evidence in a battle to dismiss the charges or achieve another favorable result.

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