Criminal defense and juvenile crime

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Gun violence continues to be a significant problem in Louisiana and in other states across the country. The number of gun deaths does not appear to be decreasing. A recent incident in New Orleans involving a juvenile ended badly. The accused in the case may benefit from a criminal defense.

A young couple was approaching their car after enjoying an evening together and surprised a young man who was allegedly attempting to steal items from the car. The couple reported that they had heard their car alarm go off and had come outside to investigate. The person who was inside the car allegedly opened fire at their approach. The husband, who reportedly also had a gun, returned fire.

The gentleman’s wife died as a result of the shootout. The young man who is suspected of having attempted to burgle the car was also injured in the incident. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries. The husband was also shot in the arm, but the injury was not life-threatening.

Being involved in a juvenile crime can lead to more serious problems in the future for Louisiana youth. The New Orleans Police Department encourages parents to always know where their children are, and it discourages the public from getting involved with anyone they believe is committing a crime. An area youth organization is fighting for alternatives to incarceration of young people as a way to prevent them from committing crimes as adults. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can inform the client of his or her rights and available legal options, including alternatives to incarceration.

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