Criminal Defense: 3 Teens arrested after alleged armed carjacking

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When individuals are behind bars and facing criminal charges, they will likely be considering their options. Obtaining legal counsel to handle the criminal defense may be the most appropriate step. Three Louisiana residents found themselves in such circumstances after their recent arrest near the French Quarter.

While busy with an ongoing investigation into carjackings, robberies and more, New Orleans police allegedly noticed three men in a suspected stolen car near the French Quarter. After identifying the vehicle as one that was reported stolen a week earlier, police arrested the men – ages 18, 19 and 16. Officers searched the car and appaently seized a 9-mm firearm, along with some prescription narcotics, marijuana and suspicious IDs and credit cards. Authorities released the 16-year-old to his mother while booking the other two for charges related to the stolen vehicle, carrying a firearm and drug offenses. Contributing to the juvenile’s delinquency also formed part of the charges against the two men.

When officers located the owner of the car, she said she lost the car during a carjacking at which time she was shot in the arm. Detectives worked to identify the three men as the perpetrators of that incident. Police then arrested the 16-year-old again and charged him. The other two men received additional charges related to assault and battery, armed robbery and auto theft.

Louisiana residents who are arrested are entitled to retain the services of experienced criminal defense attorneys. A seasoned lawyer can examine the underlying facts of the prosecution’s case before deciding on a defense strategy. The attorney will focus on preparing an effective and strong defense. He or she will endeavor to protect the rights of the accused while working on preserving the defendant’s freedom or minimizing the potential consequences of a conviction.

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