Alleged hit-and-run leads to arrest, charges

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Louisiana officials reportedly detained a 35-year-old man on Dec. 27 for allegedly fleeing the scene of an accident and driving while intoxicated. According to reports, the accident occurred on Scenic Highway in Baton Rouge near the 9200 block.

Police officials allege that the man was driving north on the highway when he crossed the center line. Upon doing so, he reportedly collided head-on into a southbound vehicle. Officers allege the man then ran away from the accident scene on foot.

After searching the area, officers located suspect as he walked in a housing complex’s parking lot on Rosenwald Road. Upon making contact, officers allege the man smelled of alcohol and reportedly admitted to having consumed a quarter pint of gin and three 16-ounce beers. Upon being transported by police to the Plank Road police station, the man reportedly submitted to a Breathalyzer test. Police claim the man’s blood alcohol concentration tested at more than three times the legal limit with a result of .247 percent. Officers also indicated that upon searching the man’s vehicle, a half-pint bottle of gin was found on the driver’s side of the car. The other driver required hospital treatment for a facial laceration and was transported to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital.

People who are involved in accidents should remain at the scene, as fleeing will likely lead to additional and more severe charges. Those who are accused of driving while intoxicated in relation to an accident may want to assert their right to an attorney as well as their right to remain silent upon the police attempting to question them. Any statements made to investigating officers may later be used in the prosecution’s case in order to secure a conviction. A criminal defense attorney may be of help.

Source: WAFB, “Man arrested for hit and run was three times the legal limit“, Matthew Fryou, December 27, 2014

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