A traffic stop aided by a K-9 unit leads to drug charges

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Seeing flashing red and blue lights in one’s rearview mirror is never a pleasant experience. It is advisable to pull over and comply with a Louisiana police officer’s requests, which typically begin with a request for a driver’s license and registration. A car was pulled over near Larose for improper lane usage. A search resulting from the stop ended with three people facing drug charges.

The car was initially pulled over by narcotics agents who cited the illegal lane use. The officers were joined by a K-9 unit that allegedly detected marijuana in the car. The agents reported that they detected a strong marijuana odor emanating from the car and a subsequent search revealed amounts of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. The driver reportedly had two outstanding warrants for drug distribution.

The driver of the vehicle was charged with drug possession and improper lane usage. The other two people in the car were also charged with drug possession and one was additionally charged with possession with intent to distribute. The intent to distribute charge may have been partially based on the digital scale that the accused allegedly had in his possession.

There are very specific rules around traffic searches and seizures that are there to protect the public. Unless one has a legal background, a person facing drug charges may not be aware of all of his or her rights in Louisiana. An accused has a right to an attorney who is aware of these rights and can inform the client of these rights and see that they are upheld throughout the criminal justice process.

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