3 reasons to consider an uncontested divorce

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If you and your spouse have chosen divorce, figuring out how to move on with your separate lives may be just as stressful as the decision to separate in the first place. In addition to anxiety about your own financial future, you may worry about how divorce will affect your relationship with your children.

You may also have concerns about the legal process itself. If your divorce goes to court, a family judge will have the final say regarding important decisions ranging from child support amounts to dividing retirement accounts.

Uncontested divorce may offer a more flexible alternative. If you and your spouse can agree to negotiate a settlement amicably, you may be able to avoid court and reduce legal costs while maintaining control of the final outcome.

1. Set a constructive tone for the future

During an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse can each retain your own legal counsel. However, unlike a contested divorce, which pits one side against the other, the four of you can work together to reach an agreement that both parties can agree to.

2. Explore creative solutions

Choosing to settle out of court also gives you an opportunity to consider different ways of solving current problems and minimizing future conflict. From finding creative ways to balance divided assets to drafting a parenting plan that truly works, uncontested divorce may allow for unique solutions that fit your family’s specific needs.

3. Know what to expect financially

Whatever your current income, your post-divorce budget is likely to look much different. An uncontested divorce may give you valuable breathing room to crunch the numbers. In addition to determining the limits of what you are able and willing to agree to, forecasting your income and expenses may give you a stronger negotiating position during discussions.

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