3 men face drug charges in Louisiana

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Three men have been arrested in Louisiana following a traffic stop. The traffic stop leading to drug charges took place on a recent Sunday. It happened on U.S. Highway 90.

According to authorities, a police officer stopped a car on the highway and asked the driver, 34, about the strong marijuana smell emanating from the car. Police also reportedly noticed a package that looked suspicious. The man allegedly grabbed the package and tried to flee from the officer.

When police caught the man, the man resisted being caught. However, police were able to restrain him eventually. They determined that the package contained more than 106 grams of marijuana, an amount worth almost $1,600 on the street. Police said they also found a digital scale, as well as many of the types of plastic bags used to distribute narcotics. Authorities also reportedly found $1,300 in the vehicle, along with the drugs Codeine, Alprazolam and Promethazine.

The driver currently faces several charges, including possessing drugs and intending to distribute them, possessing drug paraphernalia, and possessing money derived from the sale of drugs. Other charges against the driver in Louisiana include speeding, following too closely and resisting police. The other two men also face drug charges. The men have the right to proceed to trial to fight these charges, or they may pursue negotiations for plea deals, which may lead to reduced charges and lighter sentences than what would be imposed following guilty verdicts at trial. Either way, the criminal defense will strive for the most personally favorable outcome considering the circumstances surrounding a defendant’s case.

Source: klfy.com, “Traffic stop in Broussard results in more than $1,500 of drugs off the streets and 3 arrests”, July 5, 2016

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