2 Louisiana men face drug charges after license checkpoint

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A recent incident at a license checkpoint may serve as an example of why cooperating with police is more beneficial than attempting to evade them, even if there is a reason. A traffic stop at a checkpoint at the intersection of North 11th Street and Forest Lane in Hammond has resulted in unrelated charges for two Louisiana men, one of which is still on the run. Both men are facing drug charges and charges of resisting arrest following the attempted absconding.

According to reports, two men, one 22 years old and the other 21, were in a single vehicle that came to the checkpoint. The driver purportedly did not have a driver’s license, and the passenger only had an identification card. While police were checking the ID card, it is alleged that the driver reversed at a high rate of speed down Forest Lane before losing control and crashing into a ditch. Both men allegedly then fled the scene.

Police captured one of the men and now allege that he had marijuana and crack on his person. The other man fled and has not been captured. Police also allege that additional marijuana was found in the vehicle. Both men have been charged with intent to distribute, possession and resisting arrest. These are serious offenses with serious consequences in Louisiana if a conviction is actually obtained.

When police conduct a traffic stop which leads to suspicion of another crime being committed, there are certain procedures that must be followed. In the case of someone being arrested for a suspected crime unrelated to the traffic stop itself, the actions of police and the evidence presented may be challenged as the defendant defends against the accusations. For these men, the drug charges that they face could have serious implications for their future, which is why a well-rounded defense against the charges may be important to achieving the most favorable outcome possible.

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