2 Louisiana landfill officers facing embezzlement, other charges

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Two Louisiana men are facing a difficult series of charges for their alleged involvement in schemes at the landfill in which they both worked. One man has already pleaded guilty to charges of embezzlement and cooperated with authorities as part of a plea agreement limiting his prison term to five years. The other man has yet to face a judge for charges of embezzlement, conspiracy and more. Now, the case has been further complicated as the government, in an unusual twist, has brought additional criminal charges against both men.

Attorneys for both men are outraged by these new charges. They indicated that they believe these charges are out of the ordinary, especially considering one man has cooperated with the government and has already been sentenced. The new charges bring conspiracy, fraud and money laundering charges against the man already convicted of embezzlement. The other man, having not had his day in court, now faces additional allegations of fraudulently filing taxes.

Both men worked for River Birch Landfill which is in Avondale, outside New Orleans. The men are brothers-in-law, and both were officers for the company. Whereas the first man pleaded guilty and cooperated with the government, the second man pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial. Attorneys believe that his case may be postponed in light of the new charges.

Like anyone in Louisiana who is suspected of committing a crime, these two men suspected of embezzlement and other crimes have utilized their right to a criminal defense. The first man in this case was able to successfully obtain a plea agreement which likely lessened his prison sentence. Unfortunately, now he must face additional charges which may require a new strategy for his defense. As the case moves forward, both men may benefit from their defense carefully examining all aspects of the new charges being brought against them. There may be avenues of legal redress to contest the legal allegations as well as the facts upon which they are based while also protecting all of the legal rights of both individuals.

Source: FOX 8 New Orleans, “Legal analysts surprised new charges filed against Titus after sentencing,” Meg Gatto, Oct. 12, 2012

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