2 face drug charges following police investigation

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Several people were recently arrested in Louisiana after being accused of committing drug crimes. When individuals face drug charges, they are presumed innocent unless their guilt is proved in a criminal court. Prosecutors have to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before these individuals can be convicted.

In the recent drug case, police served search warrants on a Monday, and this led to multiple arrests, as well as the seizure of three guns. Police said they also found many pounds of what was thought to be pot and over $20,000 in cash. The alleged discovery of the drugs, cash and weapons took place after police, in late 2015, started investigating many subjects thought to be distributing illegal drugs.

Police ended up executing search warrants at two different homes. At that time, they arrested two individuals, both age 33. Both individuals had outstanding arrest warrants on multiple charges related to drug crimes. Besides these two men, many other people were arrested on warrants related to drugs.

As the two men’s cases involving drug charges move forward through the Louisiana criminal justice system, they — alongside their legal counsel — might have the opportunity to plea bargain in exchange for lighter charges and/or more favorable sentences. The choice of whether to take plea deals, if offered, rests solely with the accused men, and they retain the right to go to trial on the merits of their cases. The criminal defense will seek the outcome that is in the best interests of the accused, while also making sure that the men’s rights are upheld at all stages of their criminal proceedings.

Source: thenewsstar.com, “Two men arrested in drug investigation“, Feb. 15, 2016

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