2 face drug charges following arrests in Louisiana parking lot

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An alleged drug transaction that took place in a Louisiana parking lot has led to two men’s arrests. Police said the transaction took place at a convenience store. The men who were arrested on drug charges are ages 32 and 40.

Police reported that they pulled behind the convenience store located at the intersection of Louisiana Highway 15 and Louisiana Highway 33 in early march. They said they saw the older man shaking his head in his vehicle and then striking it against the head rest of the driver’s seat. That is when the younger man reportedly drove up to the older man’s vehicle, exited his car and approached the older man.

Police said they went up to the two men and saw them engage in a drug transaction. The older man allegedly told police that the younger man had given him an estimated 4.4 grams of marijuana. Police searched the younger man’s vehicle and are said to have discovered three small bags of what appeared to be marijuana, as well as a cigarette pack with what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette. Authorities also said they found 1.5 bars of what they suspected to be Xanax.

The younger man has been charged with distributing marijuana and possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute it. He is also charged with possessing the drug Xanax. Meanwhile, the older man was charged with possessing marijuana. People who face drug charges in Louisiana have the right to contest the charges at trial, or they may choose to take plea deals, if offered, which may lead to reduced charges and/or lighter sentences for the accused.

Source: thenewsstar.com, “2 arrested on drug charges in Union Parish“, March 7, 2016

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