Drunk driving: Motorcyclist accused of violently resisting arrest

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When police officers arrest any Louisiana driver for suspicion of being impaired, the consequences can have a severe effect on that person’s life. A 41-year old Louisiana motorcyclist was recently booked into a correctional center on several charges related to drunk driving. His bond was set at $8,150. An arrest affidavit indicates that West Monroe police received reports of a motorcycle rider who appeared to be intoxicated on a recent Sunday evening.

Officers arrived and noticed the suspect dragging one leg on the ground while riding his bike. Officers allege he almost caused a crash while he lost control of the bike several times. When they managed to stop the motorcyclist, officers claim his eyes were watery and red and his speech slurred. Further, he was unsteady on his feet reportedly smelled of alcohol. The authorities say the driver admitted to drinking four beers earlier, and to having an orange and vodka mix in a bottle in his pocket.

Police further allege that the motorcyclist refused to allow them to take a breath sample and became violent. They claim he resisted arrest, and a stun gun had to be used to take him into custody. He is now facing several charges, including careless operation, driving while intoxicated and having an alcoholic beverage in his vehicle. Other charges include battery of an officer and violent resistance of arrest.

Louisiana bikers who find themselves in similar situations will likely want to secure the services of a skilled attorney who is experienced in defending those accused of drunk driving. A seasoned attorney will examine the charges, the proposed evidence and the methods used by police officers during the arrest. If any irregularities occurred, they can be addressed during court proceedings.

Source: thenewsstar.com, “WMPD: Drunk motorcyclist almost wrecks, resists arrest“, Ashley Mott, Jan. 23, 2017

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