Drug charges filed against 6 men; 2 men at large

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Six men in Louisiana are facing charges related to drugs. According to police, the men facing drug charges played a role in an organization formed to traffic drugs. Two additional men remain at large for their alleged roles in this organization as well.

Police reported that the eight men distributed significant amounts of illegal drugs. The men allegedly received differing amounts of marijuana, heroin and cocaine. A joint law enforcement operation involving two parish sheriff’s offices and the Drug Enforcement Administration, along with other federal and local law enforcement agencies, identified the men.

The six men who were recently arrested range in age from 25 to 51. The two men who are still at large are 24 and 32. The arrested men face charges for allegedly possessing drugs and intending to distribute them. They are also charged with possessing drug paraphernalia or possessing a controlled substance. Other criminal charges may also be filed against the men.

A serious drug charge in Louisiana can lead to a lengthy prison sentence if a person ends up being convicted on his or her charge at trial. The criminal defense in a case involving drug charges will build a defense with the goal of achieving the best outcome for the defendant considering the circumstances surrounding the case. This may involve attempting to get the defendant’s drug charges reduced to charges that carry less severe possible penalties, or the defense may try to have the charges dismissed all together. Defense counsel will strive to protect the client’s rights and to defend his or her freedom at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Source: wdsu.com, “6 arrested, 2 sought after joint operation dismantles local drug-trafficking organization“, Juan Sanchez, June 16, 2016

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