Drug charges filed after seizure of narcotics valued $1.7 million

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No less than nine law enforcement agencies were involved in a recent investigation that led to the arrest of a Louisiana man. A 37-year-old Alexandria man is facing drug charges after the discovery of illegal narcotics in his car and elsewhere. The drug bust involves narcotics with an estimated street value of $1.7 million.

After allegedly changing lanes without signaling, the man was pulled off the road on a recent Friday. Louisiana State Police say he was already the subject of an investigation. Upon searching the vehicle, law enforcement claims to have found crystal methamphetamine with an approximate weight of 64 pounds along with cocaine weighing about two pounds. They also found five pints of a combination of a narcotic cough syrup and antihistamine called promethazine syrup along with cash in excess of $67,000.

State Police say they found some of the illegal narcotics in several homes. The charges against the man include possession of assorted narcotics with the intent to distribute, and fleeing in an attempt to resist arrest along with a traffic infringement of lane change without signaling. Reportedly, the investigation is ongoing.

Any resident of Louisiana who is arrested on drug charges is entitled to an opportunity to defend him or herself in a court of law. An experienced criminal defense attorney is typically the person who can best provide skilled guidance throughout the proceedings. After scrutinizing the charges and the procedures of law enforcement during the search and arrest, a seasoned lawyer can work on a defense strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.

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